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Foshan Land Lighting Co., Ltd.

Recessed LED downlights, new construction & remodel downlight housings, LED ceiling lights, flat panel LED downlights...

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  • Phone: +86 757 85526701
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    Zhaohang Xian's Self-built Factory, Xiancun Development Zone, Shadun, Liansha, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Land Lighting is a diversified interior lighting manufacturer with strong competencies in custom design, product development, high volume contract manufacturing, and market certification. The company's product portfolio consists of recessed LED downlights, new construction and remodel downlight housings, LED ceiling lights, ultrathin flat panel LED downlights, LED track lights, bathroom vanity lights, and lighted mirrors. These products are designed to provide exceptional performance and durability along with aesthetically appealing design, inherent energy-efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements.

Located in Foshan, China, Land Lighting operates an independent manufacturing facility that is fully equipped to provide meticulous craftsmanship and value engineering that meets customer's meet project design objectives and production schedule within defined budgets. With Land Lighting's OEM/ODM service, you harness the power of our expertise from the initial development stage and prototyping all the way to high volume manufacturing. The company's commitment to manufacturing quality, engineering innovation, and customer service is unparalleled. The synergistic combination of design expertise with the value-added manufacturing capabilities provides a one-stop solution with levels of reliability, stability and efficiency that are second-to-none within the company's product strengths.

Land Lighting design and engineer all of its LED products that can withstand the test of time through a rigorous QC procedure. The company's products are tested and certified by leading accredited test laboratories to comply with UL, ETL, CE, SAA, Energy Star, and Curtis-Straus regulations.
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